It looks forward to make the undergraduate students able to build their own robot from scratch.


Rehabilitation under-graduate students to Robotics Competition.


Abdelrahman Hossam

RAS Chairperson

Tony Nazmy

RAS General Manager

IEEE HSB RAS Competitions


At Covered halls complex Cairo Stadium on 6th May 2017

Robots had been invented to help mankind and to do tasks human can't handle.
AUXILIO competition isn't just a simulation, it aims to come out with robots that will do exactly what they are designed for.

The winner team was ‘Delay’

Under Construction’16 :

At BUE on 16th March 2016

For who seeks to enter the robots world and conquer it this competition was for him basically all he has to do with his team was to build two robots:

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic
and do the competition task
images images

The winner team was ‘One O one’

RAS Projects

Robot Gloves:

were made to minimize the weight of things

(cairo maker faire 2018)

RAS events

Auxilio 2.0:

help mankind through protecting workers from the poisonous environment around them that causes them serious illnesses. by replacing the workers who work on production lines with robots. and it’s a simulation of a production line that uses an industrial robotic arm for fetching packages then an automatic robot delivers them in batches through specific lanes to different zones. It contained two levels sessions:

  • Level 1: Arduino, mechanics and solidworks
  • Level 2: URDF,GUI,KINEMATICS and Arduino interface